Your monsters are easily poisoned by Terror Claw.


Found in Swinedene.


HP 35/35
Attack 17
Magic 10
Speed 11
Defense 19
Resist 18


Title Tipe Description Effect
Claw 160 One Foe 22 - 27 Physical damage (Fire)
Hypnotic Shot 130 One Foe Puts the target to sleep for 195 TUs. Any damage will wake it.
Venom Sting 130 One Foe 18 - 23 Physical damage (Fire) Poison: Duration 500 Deals 18 - 23 Fire damage
Venom Tail 250 All Foes 13 - 16 Physical damage (Fire) Poison: Duration 500 Deals 33 - 40 Fire damage


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
Stinger Pincer Terror Claw
Stinger Pincer Terror Claw
Evolves at level 16 Evolves at level 33

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