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How to Obtain

Found as a spirit in The Abyss (Infinite Dungeon) located south of Saint Wesburn, 54th Floor. Obtained as a monster from completing the S Class of the Tournament.

Statistics (Spirit)

Rank F- S+
HP 2160 3021
Attack 1954 2733
Magic 1954 2733
Speed 1954 2733
Defense 1954 2733
Resist 1954 2733

Statistics (Monster)

Level 1 150
HP 81 3210
Attack 73 2904
Magic 73 2904
Speed 73 2904
Defense 73 2904
Resist 73 2904


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Andromeda 250 1 Foe Heavy Magical Damage
[Immunity] - Self Immune from all bad status effects
Boson 50 1 Foe Low Magical Damage
Cosmic Wind 250 All Foes Medium Physical Damage, -100 Attack, -150 Defense, -100 Magic, -150 Resist
Star Burst 100 All Foes Paralyzes target for 103 TUs


1st Form

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