Turtle King is defensive monster. It is famous for its high hp and strong defense, as well as highly damaging attack - detonation.

How to Obtain

To get a turtle king, you can catch Giant Turtle in North Cave of Southern Alvalon, then evolve it until level 24. Otherwise, you have to travel to west of Olympia and catch one. However, this will be more troublesome, as they may detonate first before you are able to catch it.


Lv HP Attack Magic Speed Defense Resist
1 60 8 8 5 33 41


Name Time Units Targets Effect
Detonate 250 All Foes 25 - 30 Physical damage (Water) Sacrifices your monster
Rapid Water 130 One Foe 9 - 11 Magical Damage (Water)
Shell 160 This monster only Increase Defense and Resist by 2
Venom Claw 130 One Foe 9 - 11 Physical damage Poison: Duration 500 9 - 11 Water damage

All abilities are reflected as if the monster were level 1.


1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
Giant Turtle
Turtle King
Giant Turtle Turtle King Tortilla
Evolves at level 24 Evolves at level 58 -

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