Here's what's coming in the next update, based on what was stated on the Facebook page. The developers are fixing last minute game-breaking bugs before the release.

Click on Read More to see the pictures!

1. New evolution for Kingpen (check the Penguin page to see a picture, under the Evolution section. Still need to fix the Kingpen page up).

2. New area (the Underworld) with new monsters, quests, a new dungeon, and a tournament system. 20 hours of added gameplay. 

3. This monster (evolved form of another monster):


4. Fafnir will be able to re-spawn again (possibly).

5. This monster (new, not an evolved form), seemingly named Ifrit:


6. Leo. Check page for picture.

7. This monster (rough sketch), likely named "Tortilla".


8. This monster (rough sketch):


9. This monster (likely an evolved form of Steel Snake, but this isn't confirmed).


10. This monster:


11. And possibly more!

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