Located in Greater Wesing, it is the town directly to the east of Westguard.

Key Features


Barbarian Near City

"A Barbarian has been sighted in the small forest east of city. There are no reports of actual damage caused, but the people are starting to worry."

Battle Cyrus in the woods directly east of the town:

1. Flame Wing

2. Fairy Queen

3. Wasp Queen

4. Flame Wing

5. Fire Cub

6. Snow Cub

7. Yeti

Reward: Oval Sapphire Gem (ATK 25 for me)

Illegal Hunters

"There have been reports of illegal hunting activities in the forest South of the city. We are told a breeder named Ryu is behind this. Go arrest him."

Battle Ryu @ 3rd circle into the forest:

1. Carnoraptor

2. Manticore

3. Blood Priest

4. Blue Seahorse

5, Yeti

6. Beast Knight

7. Kermet King

Reward: Square Sapphire Gem (HP 25 for me)

Defeat Ren

"A breeder known as Ren has been ruling the forest to the South for quite some time now. She has recently managed to gather an extremely powerful line up of monsters. We need you to go scout on her."

Battle Ren @ Western Gracia, head south through the forest and follow the red circles into the deepest forest.

1. Kappa

2. Kappa

3. Cult Warrior

4. Cult Warrior

5. Sasuke

6. Sasuke

7. Samurai

8. Samurai

9. Samurai

Reward: Square Sapphire Gem (MAG 30 for me)

Clear No Man's Castle

"No Man's Castle in Southern Alvalon has been occupied by monsters since the kingdom that once flourished around the area fell in the last major war. Go clear floors 1 to 4. We want to see if the building is still usable."

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