How to Obtain

Obtained only through a recipe. The recipe can be obtained from defeating Ivo at the Forest of Mangal. See the combination below under "Recipe".

Wolf God Stat

Wolf God


Level 1 50 100 150
HP 41 1628 2278
Attack 73 2557 3707
Magic 60 1950 2900
Speed 32 1022 1522
Defense 22 1189 1539
Resist 22 1189 1539


Title TimeUnits Target(s) Effect
Electro Claw 100 1 Foe 52-63 Physical Damage (Air), Stuns target for 80 TUs
Overdrive 160 All Friends + 1 Attack, + 1 Magic
Plasma 160 All Foes 26-31 Magical Damage (Air), Stuns target for 76 TUs
Thunder Claw 160 2 Foes 46-57 Physical Damage (Air), Stuns target for 114 TUs

All abilities are reflected as though the monster were at level 1


Thunder Wolf Thunder Wolf Wolf God


1st Form
Wolf God


When fighting a Wolf God, you should try to prevent it from attacking. Wolf God has high attack, which means that it will most likely defeat your monsters easily. However, it has a low HP value. You should face one Wolf God at a time if possible, ignore the other monsters (if any), and concentrate on defeating that Wolf God. There will be a Plethera of times when you end up fighting 3 at a time, a good method is to use monsters with haste, Griffin rider or Angelic Bird work will with earth creatures such as Chimera Ant.

Since Thunder Wolf is easy to get it's not hard to make any Wolf Gods so make a team of atleast three Wolf Gods and place them together and use Plasma to be able to attack without any interruptions. This Strategy can be used to beat one of the strongest monsters ingame (example: Dreadnought recipe)